Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Unveiling my new beach body

A few weeks ago, I remember changing in my friend's room and he went, "OMG, Ray, you have a six pack!" I looked down and all I saw was a pouch where my stomach is, though admittedly a smaller pouch, which I was already proud of, but a six pack was out of the question. I knew he was just trying to be supportive, so I said thanks, but honestly believed he was being overly enthusiastic. Just to be sure, I looked in the mirror later that night, and just as I thought, a little pouch of a tummy.

I just got back from Hawaii on Monday, mostly for my work as national Vice-Speaker of the Medical Student Section of the American Medical Association, but I found some time to enjoy the beach when the meeting ended. One picture I took with classmates went on facebook, and instead of commenting on me being in Hawaii, people started commenting on my body. I looked at the picture, and by golly, I kinda have a little bit of a six pack going on. I used to have a keg, where did all the beer go? That's new! Yesterday morning, I got a text from a college buddy saying, "[My wife] showed me a picture from your Facebook of you at the beach... Hello defined abs. WTF you are making me look bad." It might seem weird that this seems as a surprise to me, because I obviously knew that I was losing weight and becoming trimmer. I knew it from the scale. I knew it from my clothes. Until now, though, I've only noticed that I lost weight in my face from pictures where I'm fully clothed. I hadn't looked at myself carefully without a shirt until this trip to know how that translated to the rest of my body.

Spring Break 2005 compared to November 2012
Where the heck did these abs come from?! Is that me? Are those real? I'm not sure. When I think of what I look like, the picture in my head is still what I looked like my entire life (see picture from Spring Break 2005, when I was in graduate school). I didn't focus on doing crunches or anything like that, so I'm a bit shocked to see any results. At this point, I'm still trying to reconcile the discrepancy between what I believe I look like, and what I see. The difference is throwing me for too much of a loop for me to be entirely comfortable acknowledging that I've accomplished something yet. Unlike doing a pull-up, I can't measure how my body looks, so I'm not sure what I'm trying to accomplish exactly. One thing is certain: I have a new and improved beach body...just in time for... Winter! I think I still need to work on my timing. Well, I have two options. I can be happy knowing that under my winter clothes there's a leaner and healthier me, or I can maintain this until next summer. I guess nothing is stopping me from doing both. It might take me until next summer to be used to my new body anyways. As a side note... do I have less hair? I guess I can't win them all...

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