Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Return to Blogging

"Trust me, I'm a panda"
Sorry for the hiatus from posting, but being a family medicine resident the last 3 years left me with little time to do much else. As mentioned in a previous post, "You can do anything, you just can't do everything". Something had to give, and unfortunately for me, I had to stop blogging. However, recently, a few incidents got me thinking about restarting up my blog (including almost finishing residency).

The first incident came a little over a month ago, when a medical student was working with me in clinic. That particular day's schedule was filled with one success story after another of patients that I had been working with to successfully lose weight. The medical student asked, "How do you do that? Your patients are so compliant!". The compliment triggered a thought that maybe I should start blogging about the ways I counsel my patients, as it seems to work for some, so maybe others could find some value in the advice I give in clinic on a daily basis.

I'd also like to note that the either intentional or unintentional brown-nosing totally worked in making me feel good about myself, and I subsequently wrote that medical student a stellar evaluation.

The second prompt to have me thinking about blogging again came in a form of a text message from a fellow resident, also about a month ago. She asked me for my blog address. I let her know that I hadn't blogged in years, and her encouragement to start back up to inspire others also got me thinking.

Finally, the third reason to start blogging again was the recent article in the research journal Obesity, (or a more digestible summary/characterization here from the New York Times) that discussed how many of 'The Biggest Loser' contestants regained their weight after the show. They talked about how each contestant's body metabolism changed and subsequently sabotaged their efforts to sustain their initial weight loss. I personally found the article to be really discouraging. I felt like it made the journey to sustainable weight loss seem almost impossible. However, three and a half years after my own weight loss journey, I'm still about the same weight/body composition.

I'm just an average person. I believe if I can sustain a healthy lifestyle, then others can too. I hope coming back to blogging, I can share strategies that have helped me so that others can benefit. I'm going to start off in the next month with a series of common things I tell my patients that helped some (definitely not all) find success.


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