Paleo Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

I'm thinking a lot of my friends in New Orleans as Hurricane Isaac approaches, hoping they stay safe, and remember the time my neighbors and I didn't evacuate for Hurricane Gustav in 2008, which ended up being a memorable adventure. It was my first/only hurricane, so I was just letting my neighbors, who were Louisiana natives, lead the show. Mark was adamant that he's never evacuated except for Katrina, so we weren't leaving despite the city's mandatory evacuation. I remember around 1am or so when Gustav hit, a tornado warning was announced on the radio, and I thought, "Oh hell no, no one said ANYTHING about tornados". I googled how to protect myself in a tornado (get in a tub with a mattress over you), and texted my neighbors asking if I could come down. We spent the next few days hunkered down, eating, drinking, hanging out, and all in all, having a great time, even biking in the rain to a local bar that stayed open. And so, I dedicate this recipe to my neighbors and friends in New Orleans...see I still got a little NOLA in me. Stay safe friends.

This recipe is really easy, but I'm not fast with a knife, so the chopping can be quite involved. The most time intensive part is chopping, and the most attention demanding is the roux. All in all, it took me around an hour to prep this because I'm slow at chopping.

Ingredients (for 12 servings)

1 cup             Almond flour
1 cup             Almond oil

4 lbs              Chicken breast 
3 12oz packs Andouille Sausage or smoked sausage (Wellshire Farms at Whole Foods is Paleo)
2                    Onions, chopped
6 cups            Okra, chopped (around 1lb fresh)
2 cups            Green peppers, chopped (around 1-2 green peppers)
12 cloves       Garlic, minced or pressed
3 cups            Low sodium chicken broth
1 tsp               Salt
1 tsp               Black Pepper
2 tsps              Cajun spice mix
2                     Bay leaves

3  heads          Cauliflower
Pinch              Black pepper, to taste
Almond oil (just a little)


1. Preheat oven to 400F
2. Lay out chicken breasts onto baking pan and place in oven until cooked (around 20-30 minutes)
3. Take 1 cup oil and heat over medium heat for a few minutes until warm, then slowly whisk in almond flour. Continue whisking until oil and flour mixture turn dark brown, if you see burnt bits, start over, and for the second try, turn down the heat and whisk the mixture more while warming. The roux is for thickening and flavor, mine looked like this after 12 minutes. I took it off the heat, and continued to whisk occasionally the next 5 minutes as it cooled so it wouldn't burn while pot was still hot.
4. Check oven and remove chicken if done
5. Dice okra, celery, green peppers, onion, and mince/press garlic. Place everything into slow cooker
6. Cube chicken and add to slow cooker
7. Slice sausage and add slow cooker
8. Add salt, pepper, cajun spices and bay leaves into slow cooker
9. Use whisk to mix roux (flour will have settled to bottom), and add it to slow cooker
10. Add chicken broth to slow cooker and mix well (my slow cooker was filled to brim, so I cooked it for an hour and let the vegetables reduce before mixing)
11. Turn slow cooker on to high for 4 hours (I used a slow cooker so I could prep it early since I make large meals and focus on other things later, but alternatively, you can cook on stove simmering for around an hour, or put slow cooker on low for around 6-7 hours)
12. Take three heads of cauliflower and put them into food processor until consistency of rice
13. Stir-fry cauliflower with a little almond oil and pinch of pepper to taste

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