Saturday, August 11, 2012

Welcome to my blog about my journey to become healthier, random musings on healthcare, and fun adventures

Hi all!!! Welcome to my blog page!

When I hit 30 in 2011, I got my version of a mid-life crisis and decided to prioritize myself, my wellness and my happiness, with one big goal of becoming healthier. It seemed particularly relevant for me as a med student going into primary care, since it's a little hypocritical for me to try to get patients to take on positive lifestyle changes when I myself was a little bit on the rounder side of things. Oh who am I kidding? I was obese, even if my friends would never say it, "No no no, you're not THAT big, you're beautiful the way you are". I love my friends and how they always tried to boost my own self-image, but technically I had a BMI of 30 weighing in at 215lbs and being 5'11"ish... and this is something I struggled with for years. I hired personal trainers, I tried to eat better, and no matter what I did, nothing seemed to work. So in the past year, I decided to really focus, and I lost 30lbs so far! Here's a before and after picture set almost exactly a year apart (last picture taken July 2012)! So the primary point of this blog is to document my continued effort to be healthier and happier through sustainable lifestyle changes, and share my advice so it can help others through philosophies, recipes, and personal achievements that hopefully can inspire others.

In addition, I'm noticing that as I'm getting older, I'm also developing a strong perspective on things, particularly topics that are healthcare or leadership related. I also seem to get into more oddly awkward situations than the average medical student... I don't know why, maybe I'm just awkward. Point is, expect a few other fun posts mixed in to share my perspective, comedy relief, or general life observations! My goal is a post a week or so, so stay tuned! Thanks! 



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