Monday, October 31, 2016

Hillary Pumpkin

Happy Halloween everyone! So what exactly is the Hillary equivalent of "Trumpkin"? I heard Howlery, but that seems more like a werewolf costume... and Clint-kin or Clinton-kin doesn't sound very nice. Pumpkin-ary? Pump-tin? Hillary-kin? I think I like that... Hillary-kin.

Not to be outdone, and not wanting my pumpkin carving to seem like I'm making any sort of political statement, I thought I'd follow-up my Trumpkin carving with a Hillary-kin. Just some good 'ol Halloween fun.

For the record, this pumpkin took me much longer than the Trumpkin. I think it is was really hard to find a photo that I thought I could translate into a pumpkin. I went through around 11 photos and kept asking friends which ones looked distinctly "Hillary". In the end I decided her smile and cheeks were her more attributable characteristics and thought the following picture (by photographer Gage Skidmore) captured her nicely.

Click Here for Original
After deciding on the photo, I created a black and white version and started carving. About halfway through, I cursed myself for deciding to pick one with teeth as I had to carefully carve out her gumline. On the plus side, if being a doctor doesn't work out, I think I have potential as a dental hygienist. And then the hair... that took a while too. I actually stopped fussing with the hair because midnight struck and I could feel myself turning into a pumpkin (pun intended... I crack myself up).

I've learned some things about both candidates from doing this exercise. For instance, I learned they both have double eyelids, and those are annoying to carve. Although it might not influence my decision this election cycle, overall this has been a fun project. So regardless of your political views, hope you enjoy.

Below is a picture of the pumpkin itself without the lighting.

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