Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I guess I should go to the doctor too...

Lately, I've been curious about what some of my health markers like blood pressure and cholesterol were. Unfortunately, like most young men, I avoid the doctor like a plague. The only doctors I see are my preceptors. Kinda ironic huh? Because of that, I don't have baseline information to see if I've improved, but I can at least report that I'm healthy! I know, based on my family history, that I'm a ticking time bomb of diabetes and high cholesterol, so that's a relief. If I were to guess, I probably had high cholesterol before taking off weight, but I have no way to confirm that. I also wanted to know if this Paleo diet that I'm on is bad for my cholesterol, since there is a lot of fat embedded into the recipes I've been analyzing. Luckily, all is good. My blood pressure came in at 116/65 (normal is under 120/80), which is much lower than what I remember it being when we were checking each other's pressures earlier in medical school, when it used to be 130s/80s. My cholesterol is 185 (normal under 200), LDL - bad cholesterol is 96 (normal is under 130, unless you have other risk factors for heart disease, then its under 100, either way I'm there), and HDL - good cholesterol is 73 (normal is over 40). So far so good! :-) One more thing to check off on my journey to healthy lifestyle - annual check-up, done.

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